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Ver Carátula de Libro de Pastillaje - lo mejor en decoración de tortasNews from 2009:
"According to ICES rules, I just finished to be the Peruvian representative. I really enjoyed sharing all those years what ICES taught me . I recently finished a sugarcraft book (in spanish) in collaboration with Lexus Editors, with my latest techniques and lots of photos of beautiful cakes.

Recientemente he lanzado un libro de artesania en azucar en colaboracion con Editora Lexus, con mis ultimas tecnicas y muchas fotos de hermosos trabajos."

Pioneering in modern sugarcraft art, Rosa Viacava began as a simple housewife eager to know deeply this Art. That´s why she became a self-taught investigator on all kinds of fondant, adapting them to the needs of the environment and the available supplies.

She began 25 years ago to give classes in its home and thanks its pledge and the knowledge that acquired, obtained in 1992 the resolution of the Department of Education to open its school, The Atelier of the Azucar. She directs this modern educational center, with all the comforts to carry out classes of the hands on type. At the end of each period, students can obtain a certificate vouched for by the Peruvian Department of Education. Thanks to that, graduates can have a certification that help them to dictate classes by its account or to be dedicated to work in this field. Rosa Viacava was invited as demonstrator on several peruvian cooking and bakery television shows, beginning with the famous peruvian show of Teresa Ocampo, pioneer on this field.

She had organized through their School Annual Bakery and Sugarcraft Showcases since 1988. She presented bakery projects of her students, emphasizing on fine laces, drapes and a great quantity of delicate accessories, complemented with flowers of sugar, taken of the exotic botany. Also including Child Cakes motives, using popular fashionable personages shaped in sugar.

Eager to deeper its knowledge, she became on 1992 active member of the Annual Sugarcraft Conventions of the International Cake Exploration Societe (ICES), where was named representative of Peru to this date. She was invited demonstrator at ICES for last 7 years, contributing its techniques and ideas to all the members of this organization, that gathers more than 30 countries and thousands of members. She`s also active member of the British Sugarcraft Guild, British organization which invited her as demonstrator on the 2001 Convention at Telford, England, being the first latin-american in having that deference. That's how she could show this select audience quality and level of the Peruvian work and bakery sugarcraft equipment and tools that she designs and sells. This is a notable achievement considering high level of competitiveness in the work in sugar in England.

In June of the 2001 was invited to London, to the presentation of the book called Romantic Wedding Cakes of the prestigious Australian sugarcraft teacher and author Kerry Vincent. Rosa was the unique latin american of four international teachers that was chosen for their talent to collaborate with the content of the book. This successful book was presented in USA on August 2001 at Portland, Oregon. This established a precedent so that in the short term the level of work of the Latin-American and Peruvian professionals in this field be appreciated in the international environment.

Rosa was awarded in July, 2006 at Grapevine, Dallas, Texas, USA as a member of the Hall of Fame, merit for extraordinary services to ICES and developing of products and techniques in sugarcraft, besides been a ICES demonstrator for 10 years. She is the first southamerican to achieve this honor.

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